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Commercial Property Insurance

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Running a business means you face threats every day — from competitors, changing market landscapes, and laws & regulations, to name a few. Your business’s property is another area fraught with risks from fire, weather, theft, and more.

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Property Insurance

What Type of Insurance Is Needed for a Commercial Building?

A typical commercial insurance policy for a business operating in Pennsylvania could include coverages for:

  • Damage to the physical building (from a storm, theft, vandalism, etc.)
  • Office furniture, equipment, records, etc.
  • Inventory and other assets you own or are in your custody
  • Special Perils: Coverage for risks unique to your business, area, or industry.

Major weather events, such as earthquakes and floods, usually are not included in a basic business property insurance policy, but can be added if needed.

Why Is Commercial Property Insurance Important?

Not only does commercial property insurance cover your building and everything in it, a well-designed policy that’s tailored to your business can keep you afloat during tough times.

Whenever you have a loss or need to replace equipment or inventory, reducing the time to recover is crucial. The world doesn’t stop when your building has a fire or other disruption to operations. Business property insurance can minimize down time, which can help you retain customers and keep up with your competition.


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